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Mercedes-CSI 2011 has been an outstanding success for Buechbuehls Miniature Horses

We are proud having been part of the team. Not only our show programm in the Felix BCSI Titelühler paddock at the EXPO but also the wonderful pictures from the miniature horses at the award ceremony in the "Hallenstadion Zürich" have met tremendous enthusiasm by the public. We have been honored to accomply Heiri Müller with his impressive frisian team and are looking forward to be again part of the event 2012 in Zürich. We are very grateful to our visitors and supporters.


all pictures copyright by V.Streun & K.Stuppia


picture gallery

Info published: 21.02.2011


Buechbuehl Minis at the CSI Zurich 2010 ... again

Buechbuehl's participation in CSI 2009 was successful. Thus, we are invited again. The next event is from 29 to 31 January 2010. We ar proud and are looking forward being there to show that a mini is great. Our horses will be shown at the Expohalle. Details follow ...

Info published: 21.12.2009


A Mini with Mini Horses

Buechbuehl's Mini horses on a Mini car: The photographs

Info published: 21.12.2009


Buechbuehl Minis at the Worldshow in Texas ... the first time

... with excellent positionings: Reserve World Champion, Third Place, ....


This great success was only possible with the help of our trainer Tim Pearson, Texas. He has well-prepared the horses and educated/coached Anastasia. Without this professional support, such a performance is not possible. Thank you, Tim!


A special thank to Tina Fissler. She coached Anastasia at the European Shows and especially in the USA. She gave Anastasia the self-confidence for an excellent performance that brought a Top Five ranking.


Publications (in German only)

Info published: 02.11.2009


New stud - finally ...

2009: Neues Gestüt

In September 2008, the starting signal was given: We could – after hard negotiations – build our new stud. After three months of construction time, the new horses could move in the new stud.

In the stud, there are 30 Miniature Horses, and we expect 9 foals in the coming season.


The pictures

Info published: 18.12.2009


CSI Zurich 2009: Successful show entrance - (moving) pictures and articles

2009: CSIBuechbuehl's Miniature Horses – in co-partnership with TF Miniature Horse (NL) – had a grand entrance at the show of Mercedes-CSI Zürich. It was a chance to popularise American Miniature Horses and show them to public.


Media (Video, Presse, Fotogalerien)

Info published: 27.02.2009


Buechbuehl's Miniature Horses in Swiss TV SF 1

On the occasion of the 21st Mercedes-CSI Zurich we could take part of the show-act. The broadcast «Glanz & Gloria» of January 25 2009 shows our horses.


The trailer

Info published: 27.02.2009